I am a Level II Usui Reiki practitioner. 

Reiki promotes wellbeing for mind, body and soul.  It can help with the stresses and strains of life and works on four levels of existence:

Physical: the body and manifested pain

Emotional: what you are feeling

Mental: what you are allowing yourself to think

Spiritual: your capacity to love yourself and others

Reiki gives you a feeling of complete relaxation as the energy flows through your body.  Some people fall asleep during treatment.  You may experience Reiki energy as colours or pure love.  You may feel peaceful or you may be emotional as old patterns surface.  You remain fully clothed throughout, apart from removing glasses and shoes.  Asking questions, even during treatments, is always welcome.  Please do not hesitate to allow your mind to release all thoughts and fears so you can focus on the Reiki experience.  I work with specific hand positions closely related to the Chakras or areas of specific pain.  Please let me know if you prefer not to be touched - Reiki can be performed without touching.

After treatment it is recommended that you drink plenty of pure water (approx 8 glasses) for a minimum of 3 days after each treatment in  order to flush toxins out of the body.


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